About Us

Our names are Rene and Tom, and although originally from Indonesia and the UK respectively we have lived all around the world as far afield as Azerbaijan and Malaysia. 

In July 2008 Tom gave up corporate life and we settled in Bali. Both of us love Bali and have made several trips together here over the years. Tom is a fanatical diver which drew us first to East Bali, where we decided to buy our first villa close to Candidasa and directly on a white sand beach with a great reef directly offshore that was perfect for snorkeling. We named it Villa Talia Vashti after our little daughter (Talia Vashti). 

In 2007 we were blessed with a second daughter, who we named Kalisha. We realised we were in trouble now though as she was bound to be jealous that her sister had a villa and she did not. Many years ago we stayed at a villa in Ubud called Villa Uma which we had absolutely loved. Rene had always wanted a place up in the mountains where the temperatures were pleasant and cool all day, but she also wanted to be close enough to Ubud to be able to enjoy the restaurants and attractions of the area. Villa Uma was perfect, so we called up the owner to see if he was willing to sell, and as is the case when you feel fate is on your side he actually had the villa on sale.  We renamed it Villa Kalisha to avoid any sibling arguments later in life.  Then we bought a villa in Seminyak for us to live in and named it Villa Rene. 

Finally the kids said that ‘Daddy’ needed to have a villa as well. With the income coming in from the other villas, we were able to buy another villa. This time we wanted a villa that was totally different again from our other villas, so we chose a villa at the top of probably the highest hill on the Bukit, close to Jimbaran and with spectacular views out over the cliffs. We named it  “Villa Leana” which is our daughter Kalisha’s 2nd name, although the kids still call it “Daddy’s Villa”. 

We now manage and market more close to 20 different villas all around Bali with our company Secluded Bali Villas. All of them with strong personal connections to Rene and I. And we will always aim to maintain that strong personal connection. 

We hope to be able to welcome you to Villa Leana, and Bali soon!

All the best,

Tom & Rene

Villa Leana & Secluded Bali Villas