Cultural Attractions

Villa Talia Vashti is situated just a few minutes walk from the traditional villa of Mendira, and there are regular ceremonies and festivals in the village often involving the staff from the villa, as well as in the other traditional villages in the surrounding countryside. Our villa manager can let you know what is going on, and make arrangements if you would like to attend.

There are a myriad of ceremonies in every villa in Bali, but there are also major ceremonies that are celebrated by the whole island such as Galungan and Nyepi, and in particular at the two most important temple complexes in Bali which are are Besakih and Goa Lawah, both of which are close to Villa Talia Vashti. Also watch out for the spectacularly beautiful funeral ceremonies (Ngaben) that occur throughout the year, but are most common in the dry season.

Goa Lawah - Bat Temple

An amazing cave temple and home to literally thousands of bats (plus a fair few snakes that eat the bats!). Less than 15 minutes drive from Villa Talia Vashti and easy to find as it is on the main road to Denpasar & the airport.

Besakih - The Mother Temple of Bali

Beautiful temple in spectacular location high on the slopes of Gunung Agung. A scenic drive which takes approximately 1 hour from Villa Talia Vashti.  

Tirta Gangga

One of the three water palaces built by the last Raja (King). Cool springs feed bathing pools and ornamental lily ponds full of massive Koi carp. On the way you will pass spectacular rice paddy scenery and great views of Gunung Agung (the biggest volcano in Bali). Tirta Gangga is just over 20 minutes from Villa Talia Vashti on the way to Tulumben.

Tenganan Village

Amazing medieval village, with no roads, only a central square surrounded by ancient houses. Home of the ‘Bali Aga’. and original community, surviving from the pre-Hindu time, which strictly adheres to a traditional life of ritual and ceremony. Famous for sacred hand woven Geringsing-double ikat cloth and for crafting musical instruments such as Genggong, a bamboo harp and Gamelan Slunding and iron metallophone orchestra. Only 3km from Villa Talia Vashti and Candi Dasa and really interesting. The most famous ceremony is the Perang Pandan, a unique & colourful Bali Aga ritual held in Tenganan Gerinsing, usually around June/July.


Once the centre of the most powerful Balinese Kingdom, Klungkung is famous for the finely detailed paintings portraying vivid scenes from heaven and hell on the walls and roof of the Court of Justice. Only 20 minutes from the villa.


Located in the highlands of Ubud is surrounded by beautiful rice paddies with regular festivals and ceremonies and a strong claim to be the cultural heart of Bali. Despite the increasing number of tourists. Ubud still retains its charm. Ubud is an attractive hour’s drive through the hills and rice paddies from Candi Dasa, or alternatively why not take a few nights stay in Villa Kalisha which is only a short drive from the centre of Ubud.